STARRETT Bi-Metal Holesaw

Available options shown below:

The Starrett FCH - Fast Cut Saw.
Features a new tooth material & design and enhanced heat & wear resistance.
Provides a smoother, faster cut on a wide range of materials.
Specifically suited to cutting stainless and mild steel sheets, the Fast Cut will also cut through tubes with a wall thickness of up to 3mm (1/8).
Size range:
14mm - 210mm (9/16" - 8.9/32").
41mm (1.5/8) hole saw depth.

  • Code - 29 - 43mm
The Starrett FCH - Fast Cut Bi-Metal Hole Saws contain an extra cobalt HSS tooth material, and a new 5.5 TPI positive rake tooth design ensuring a smoother and faster cut.
Although designed for cutting stainless steel, metals, and mild steel sheet, the Fast Cut Saws will cut through wood, plastic, plaster, and other materials.
Recommended cutting depth - up to 13mm (1/2) in softer materials.
New tooth material with extra cobalt for enhanced heat and wear resistance - improving the product life.
The 5.5 TPI positive rake tooth form provides less torque for a smoother, faster cut in all materials.
30% extra gullet volume for better material penetration.
Ideal for 3mm stainless steel, mild steel sheet, tubes, and other materials with a thickness of up to 13mm (1/2).
Size range 14mm - 210mm (9/16" - 8.9/32").
41mm (1.5/8) hole saw depth.
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