Metabo KS 18 LTX Circular Saw Body (601857890)
£214.80 Inc. VAT

Metabo KS 18 LTX Circular Saw Body (601857890)

  • Powerful, light, cordless circular saw for universal use on construction sites
  • Aluminium base plate can be directly used on guide rails from Metabo and other manufacturers
  • Fast brake stops the saw blade quickly and improves safety
  • Accurately angled bevel cuts down to 50, with handy snap-in point at 45
  • 0 position re-adjustable for highest cutting precision
  • Clearly visible cutting indicator for precise sawing after initial cut
  • Handle with non-slip soft-grip surface for safe guidance
  • Extraction possibility by means of connecting an all-purpose vacuum cleaner
  • Code - TM7184
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